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The word Diaspora (pronounced Die-as-por-a) is Greek in origin and defines a group of people who start from a common place and spread throughout the world. Diaspora Travelers is a group of diverse professionals who depart mostly from the New York City area or from within the United States and travel throughout the world.

Group Travel Events and Tours

Diaspora Travelers, LLC is a third generation travel agency providing travel packages and group travel planning for more than 40 years (since 1971)! We are a Special Events travel agency for Career Professionals or for anyone who love to get away and do exciting things while traveling!

We travel domestically or internationally to attend a variety of large-scale special events such as music festivals, sporting events, vacations, and more. The destinations and activities are endless! And the best part about Diaspora Travelers is that we do everything together as a group so if you're a solo traveler, you'll never feel alone traveling with us! Be sure to check out our Tour Schedule and join us at one of our upcoming group trips!

Group Travel Event Planning

Diaspora Travelers Group Travel Event Planning division is one of the most comprehensive in the nation. We provide assistance with venue selection, talent booking, activity planning, contract negotiations, transportation, and more to both individual and corporate clients. 

   Event Management

  Through our Group Travel Event Management division, we supervise a variety of group travel
  functions from large-scale holiday theme trips, civic fundraisers and conferences, to private
  travel events such as destination weddings and family reunions.

Event Promotions

Diaspora Travelers Group Travel Event Promotions unit consists of a nationwide network of marketing agencies, graphic designers, advertisers, and promoters to give your group travel event maximum exposure and success. 

Event Planning Clients

Some of Diaspora Travelers Group Travel Event Planning clients include:

•Major Event Promoters in the Arts & Entertainment Industries, 
•Civic & Community Groups, 
•Religious Organizations, 
•Fraternities & Sororities, 
•Not-For-Profit Organizations,
•Couples and Family Gatherers. 

Full-Service Online Travel Agency

Diaspora Travelers offers full-service online travel agency services and has preferred supplier agreements with over 200 major airlines, hotels, cruise lines, rental car and travel excursion companies worldwide, thus making Diaspora Travelers the premier online travel agency for the best deals on flights, cruises, hotels, and travel packages.